An Affair of the Mind Series

An Affair of the Mind
The Series

Written by Sarah Markham-Hall
Based Off the Personal Diaries of Sarah Markham


I’ve consistently believed that a captivating narrative begins with its origin, and the most compelling story one can craft is their own. I go by the name Sarah, and my journey into writing commenced at the age of 12.  Recall those rather silly Nsync fanfiction tales from the ’90s?  Yes, that was my after-school pastime.  Once the Nsync fervor subsided, my writing interests evolved into exploring love affairs and even delving into the dark realm of mass murders. The inevitable question arises – how does one transition from crafting fanfiction to tackling the theme of murder?  Unfortunately, I don’t have a definitive answer for you.

For those who have been with me over the years, it’s known that I’ve dedicated over 18 years to crafting Part 1 of a novel titled “Affair of the Mind.” Perhaps, had I not invested the past 18 years in completing this novel, my writings might have sparked the next Twilight or Harry Potter phenomenon. However, it seems my aspirations of becoming a bona fide author faded the moment “Affair of the Mind” took root.

So, what exactly is “Affair of the Mind,” you wonder?  It’s my life. Whether it’s a factual account is not something I’m here to determine for you. Feel free to form your own assumptions. For me, it was a reality. Let me make it clear right here and now that this novel is my personal recollection of events, unique to my perspective. It’s my story. I request that you reserve judgment on anyone’s character until you’ve reached the final words of Part 3 (yes, it’s a series). However, ultimately, you are the reader, and you’re entitled to draw your own conclusions.

What led to the 18-year journey to complete this, and why am I only now reaching the finish line? It boils down to a promise. Over the past 18 years, I’ve broken numerous commitments, but this is one pledge I am determined to honor.

To be frank, 18 years ago, my primary drive for writing this was rooted in revenge. However, as we find ourselves in the year 2023 and not 2005, the focus of this narrative has shifted. It no longer centers around revenge, and the lines between hero and villain have blurred. It has evolved into a story that, at some point, I must conclude and move forward from.

So grab some popcorn and welcome to An Affair of the Mind …

Important Notice: This series includes content unsuitable for individuals under the age of 16.  The material encompasses, but is not limited to, strong language, drug use, sexually explicit content, suicidal attempts, and violent themes. Reader discretion is strongly advised.

Legal Disclaimer: The events and particulars depicted herein are drawn from the recollection, imagination, and personal diaries of Sarah Markham-Hall spanning the years 2001 to 2010. Certain scenes are fictionalized and dramatized for content and may not accurately reflect the true sequence or occurrence of events. Names and locations have been modified to safeguard the privacy of individuals involved. No harm or injury was inflicted upon anyone during the writing of this novel.