After the Affair: The Kristopher Brown Story

Originally intended as the sequel to “Affair of the Mind” (AOTM), “After the Affair” was crafted with the idea that reading AOTM beforehand is not obligatory for understanding the characters in this novel. It’s crucial still to recognize that the characters and locations in this story mirror those portrayed in the “Affair of the Mind Series.”

“Affair of the Mind” will forever be the story of Ann Mathews and Justin Lenox. In contrast, “After the Affair” delves into the narrative of Ann Mathews and Kristopher Brown. Who is Kristopher Brown? He’s my husband. I always had a feeling that one day, we would have a story to share about how we fell in love and how our lives intertwined for years, leading us to end up together. However, I didn’t anticipate the full extent of our tale until it unfolded in real life. Ours is a unique story that deserves to be told, though it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. It’s a dark, twisted tale, but then again, if it’s a sequel to “Affair of the Mind,” I wouldn’t expect anything less. Would you?

These two book series encapsulate my life, a sentiment I’ve reiterated both in real life and within the pages of these novels. However, what you choose to believe is entirely within your discretion. As the reader, you hold the interpretive reins, and I, as a writer, am not averse to a bit of dramatic flair. I won’t assert what is real and what might be embellished, but akin to my approach with AOTM, I affirm that this is my story. While Kristopher has his own tale to share one day, what I present here is my recollection of events.

Many people throughout the years have struggled to comprehend Kristopher and me, and I’m uncertain whether this narrative will completely illuminate our dynamic for you. Nevertheless, I do hope it sheds light on numerous questions that have lingered in people’s minds over the last decade.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve always been aware that Kristopher and I had a story worth telling. So, here it is—from my perspective, at least.

So grab the popcorn and welcome to After the Affair … 

Important Notice: This novel includes content unsuitable for individuals under the age of 16.  The material encompasses, but is not limited to, strong language, drug use, sexually explicit content, suicidal attempts, and violent themes. Reader discretion is strongly advised.

Legal Disclaimer: The events and particulars depicted herein are drawn from the recollection, imagination, and personal diaries of Sarah Markham-Hall. Certain scenes are fictionalized and dramatized for content and may not accurately reflect the true sequence or occurrence of events. Names and locations have been modified to safeguard the privacy of individuals involved. No harm or injury was inflicted upon anyone during the writing of this novel.