Terms of Design


Payments must be made promptly based on the Terms of Design. Sarah A Hall reserves the right to remove any Web Design Project from viewing on the Internet until final payment is made. All payments are to be made within 5 days after completion and approval of the Web Design Project by the Client. All payments will be made in U.S. Dollars and made payable to Sarah A Hall.

Payment Schedule:

Payment for services provided hereby shall be made in accordance with the conditions contained in the terms of design and the Invoice, attached hereto and made a part of this agreement hereof. The Client agrees to pay to Sarah A Hall an initial, non-refundable deposit of 50% of the estimated total cost of design upon execution of this agreement. Final payment is due within 5 days prior to publication and/or delivery of the Web Site Design Project. All amounts must be in U.S. Dollars via pay pall or personal check and made payable to Sarah A Hall.  If payment is not received within 15 business days of it being due, you will lose your deposit in full and all work done will be destroyed.


Due to the nature of design work, I do not offer any refunds of any kind for completed design work.


All clients agree to provide me with access to all hosting, blog dashboards, photo hosting sites, etc. for the sole purpose of installing the design and making necessary changes and adjustments.

The Client understands that Sarah A Hall does not personally provide any hosting and/or domain services in connection with this Web Design Project. Hosting and/or domain services require a separate contract with the hosting/domain service of the Client’s choice.  Sarah A Hall will add the additional cost of purchasing hosting onto the Price Estimate at the desire of the client.  Once the Web Design Project is complete, The Client takes full responsibility for renewing the hosting services after a year’s time. At that time the Client will be solely responsible for any and all hosting service charges and/or changes.


In order for your design process to go smoothly and quickly communication is key.  Once your start date arrives expect communication to be daily. Your site will have a test site that you will have access to. You will be able to watch the design process unfold on your test site. If you want something done or changed, you can comment on the test site itself or send me a direct email.  These are the two most effective ways to communicate your ideas to me while I get it set up.


I own all copyrights until final payment is received. Once payment is received I own the design content, the client does not own copy right to the design. The client owns the website content. Clients may not transfer any portion of the design, code or elements to another blog or website without my permission.

If the client wishes to remove/alter part of the design, permission must be granted. Any commercial design element that has been purchased by the client must have a commercial license or photography copyrights. The client is responsible for complying with the law.

Sarah A Hall will place a logo on the sidebar or lower bar of your site for copy right purposes. This logo must not be removed. A credit will also be placed in the footer of your theme/website.  I reserve the right to display or not display an image of your completed website in my portfolio.


During development it is essential that you are available to approve designs. This ensures the design process goes smoothly & quickly. Once all design elements are finalized by you, the client, the final payment will be due. Final payment is due within 5 days prior to installation. After installation, you will have an online training session, if necessary.

Typical customized wordpress themes take about 2 weeks from start to finish to complete.  Customized business website designs (not wordpress based) usually take between 2-4 weeks to complete, and E-Commerce sites take between 4-6 weeks to complete. I will update you on your status throughout the process.

Web Site Maintenance:

Most packages come with website maintenance ranging from 1-3 months.  That period will begin on the date the Client’s web site is available to go live on the internet. Major page code and/or graphics changes and additions will be charged at the $20.00 per hour rate after the initial 1-3 months of free maintenance depending on the package the Client choses. (Notice: This rate is subject to change at any time.) Continuous maintenance will be billed when $250 has been reached, or in 30 day increments, whichever comes first. All payments, regardless of amount, must be made within 30 days.

Additional Information:

Clients are responsible for making sure their browser is up-to-date. I do not guarantee that your site will work properly on a browser that is out of date.  Designing a web site to fully work in multiple browsers (and browser versions) can require considerable, extra effort. It could also involve creating multiple versions of code/pages. I represent and warrant that the web site I design for you will work in:

  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer versions 5 and up
  • Netscape Navigator/Communicator version 4 and up
  • Mozilla Firefox version 1.0 and up

I am not responsible for your blog and/or website to be successful. Clients are responsible for their site to grow.

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